Synergie Camouflage and Concealers

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Bruise Control

Used for purple bruises, severe purple-black dark circles under eyes (Caucasian skin), pale purple and white scars


Contains anti-irritant minerals and botanicals, and is designed to camouflage general skin imperfections and problem areas such as uneven skin tone and blemishes.


An apricot-tone concealer designed to neutralise dark circles under the eyes. Contains sea buckthorn oil to nurture delicate skin around the eyes.

Pigment Correct

The lilac undertone is formulated to camouflage yellow/brown based pigmentation on the face such as: black, brown and yellow bruises, brown/yellow based hyperpigmentation, and sallow circles under eyes (for darker skin type).

Redness Correct 

The green pigment base in Redness Correct perfectly camouflages the appearance of redness from rosacea, burns, telangiectasias, and post-operative redness of the skin (IPL, laser, Fraxel, peels).




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