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NIOD Hydration Vaccine

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NIOD Hydration Vaccine is a moisturiser that helps seal your skin's own moisture levels as well as adding moisture to your skin.

Amino acids and minerals are used to help prevent moisture loss in the skin rather than using the traditional method of oils and lubricants.

Active Ingredients

  • Fungi Organisms - this is a novel approach in building water traps in the skin and preventing water loss. They help reverse the signs of lack of firmeness in the skin
  • Flexo-Silico Mesh Complex - creates a mesh like barrier over the skin and helps to trap moisture in the skin, also helping to seal that extra hydration provided. Makeup a=is applied over the top seemlessly and create a flawsless finish. Acts as a great primer. 
  • Blue Algae Molecular Film - helps to protect from water loss.
  • Himalayan Composite Flower Leontopic Acid - increases visible skin density by encouraging skin to retain more moisture.
  • Enzyme-Reacted Glucosamine Amide HA Pre-Cursor - a complex hyaluronic acid that provides moisture in the upper and deeper levels of the skin.
  • Burmese Mango Butter - a very hydrating ingredient without leaving the skin greasy or sticky
  • Xylitylglucoside - derived from sugar, this ingredient helps to trap water in the skin layers and helps your skin preserve its hydration with continued use.

How to use

  • Apply a small amount over the face AM and PM, after serums.



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