Hylamide Booster Low-Molecular HA 30ml

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Hylamide Booster Low-Molecular HA is a super strong rehydration serum that contains 5 forms of hyaluronic acids. Boosts the hydration of your skin within the deeper layers of your skin and helps your skin maintain its on moisture levels. Suitable for all skin types, particularly dry and ageing skin.

Active Ingredients

  • Very low Molecular HA - offers rehydration with better topical absorption than ordinary HA
  • Hyaluronic Acid Ferment - purified non animal source hyaluronic acid for oil free surface hydration
  • Hydrolised HA - low molecular form of HA to support lower to middle skin rehydration
  • HA Pre-Cursor - a novel technology that acts as a precursor to HA and encourages a plump look
  • Plant HA - Tamarind-derived HA technology improves the look of skin elasticity

How To Use

  • Apply AM and PM before moisturiser and after other serums



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