Cosmedix Purity Solution Nourishing Deep Cleansing Oil

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Deep clean and purify without drying out your skin and remove excess oil, make-up, sunscreen and environmental impurities. Deep cleansing and nourishing and protects the skins barrier. Liquefies make-up, oils based sunscreen and excess sebum. Suitable for all skin types.

Active Ingredients

  • Olive fruit oil
  • Kukui Seed oil
  • Argan oil
  • Safflower oil
  • Sesame Seed extract
  • Neem Leaf extract

How to use

  • Dispense approximately 2 pumps in palm of dry hands and apply to dry face, neck and chest. Apply water to all areas where product was applied. Add water as needed to create a milky.cloudy appearance, then rinse and remove product thoroughly from skin



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