Synergie Hydrospritz

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Synergie Hydrospritz is a multi-vitamin facial spritz. It plays a dual role as it sets loose minerals in addition to infusing the skin with anti-oxidants, hydrators and other nurturing ingredients throughout the day.

Active Ingredients

  • Sodium PCA - a powerful hydrator, drawing moisture to the skin. 
  • Aloe Vera - soothing, anti-inflammatory and hydrating. 
  • Apple Fruit Extract - antioxidant rich in polyphenols, protects cells from free radical damage. 
  • Siberian Ginseng Extract - increases skin immunity to environmental stress. 
  • Hyaluronic Acid - humectant drawing 1000 times its mass in water to the skin. 
  • Green Tea Extract - power antioxidant to neutralise free radical cell damage.



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