Synergie Eyedration

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Eyedration pressed eyeshadows are formulated according to the Synergie 'clean science' philosophy. They are all natural, toxin free and contain no questionable ingredients such as dimethicone, talc and artificial colours. 

Active Ingredients

  • Vegesome (botanicals, Lycopodium Clavatum Extract and Imperata Cylindrica Root Extract) This ingredient is clinically proven to prevent moisture loss and controls the release of hydrating liposomes onto the skin. Vegesome is a lipid that explodes with moisture when you press it on to the face, releasing hydration throughout the day to ensure your skin looks fresh and radiant from morning to night.

How to use

  • Apply base colour all over the eyelid with Synergie Minerals Base brush. Using the crease brush, apply eyeshadow to contour the outer V shape for definition.

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