BIOLOGI - Join The Revolution

BIOLOGI - Join The Revolution

BIOLOGI is a brand that grabbed my attention instantly when I was told that it was ONE ingredient per product. I needed to try the products first, so a lovely box of samples was sent from the BIOLOGI team.

When I began using the serums, I received compliments on my skin the very next day. These are the types of results you expect when you are applying a 100% pure extract on your skin. 100% Kakadu Plum, 100% Davidson Plum and 100% Finger Lime. To give you an idea of concentration and effectiveness, a standard pigmentation serum contains 2% Kakadu Plum. So there's no wonder your skin glows immediately and changes within 2 weeks of application. 

This is the very first product on the market that contains the pure extraction from the plant straight into a bottle. The founder Ross Macdougald has been plant extracting for years and decided to create BIOLOGI as a pure, effective, one ingredient, no chemicals or toxins brand. 

He also wanted to expose the industry of the false claims and the lack of ingredient disclosure on the packaging. 

So, we have 3 serums that can be used all over the face. They cannot be overlapped and no other products can be used in conjunction with the BIOLOGI, that is serums or moisturisers. You just won't feel the need to.  

I use the Bk Rejuvenation Eye Serum all over my face most days and then apply the Bd Luminosity Face Serum under my make up. 

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