No more back breakouts with Synergie BAcne!

No more back breakouts with Synergie BAcne!

Much of our time is spent taking care of the skin on our face. Rightly so, as it is what many people see, most of the time. What about our backs? We tend to forget about the back until that dreaded day on the beach, or when we need to wear that dress. Suddenly, we realise... oh dear!

So what is one to do about back acne? Well, Synergie Skin has formulated BAcne, a highly active serum, which clears breakouts when sprayed on the back. It can even be used on the upper arms. 

BAcne contains acne clearing ingredients, lactic acid and salycilic acid, as well as powerful plant based anti bacterial ingredients. The added hyaluronic acid helps keep the skin on your back balanced.

My recommended steps for clearing a spotty back:

  • Wash your back! Yes, sounds obvious, but we tend to forget to scrub our backs. Washing using a loofah on a stick or a cheaper alternative such as a towel cut into a long thin strip, will ensure you won't miss a spot. 
  • Dry your back after showering and apply the serum by spraying and gently, but evenly, spreading.
  • Prefer garments made from breathable materials such as 100% cotton or wool as opposed to synthetic materials such as polyester. Synthetic fabrics can make you sweat thus causing breakouts. 
  • When exercising, shower as soon as possible after your workout.
  • Get a back treatment. Steaming, deep exfoliation and peels can really help to accelerate results. Contact me to make a booking on 0490 877 103.

Back Acne Peels - $199 


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