Deep Cleansing 6 Week Challenge

Deep Cleansing 6 Week Challenge

I've been experimenting with different cleansing routines the last few weeks. I've combined some of my favourite products and devised a sequence that I apply 3 times a week, for 6 weeks to deeply cleanse my pores and lift away my dull looking skin.

  • Step 1 is a thorough cleanse with Synergie UltraCleanse. This is a natural, light foaming gel cleanser with NO SLS or other nasties. It gets all my make up, sweat and grime of the day completely off. Just from this very simple first step, I already notice my skin glowing!
      • Then I apply Aspect's Exfoliating Clay Mask. Wow this is powerful stuff! An intense, but tolerable mask, It tingles as soon as it is applied and smells like fresh spices. I can feel it getting into my pores and lifting away all that dead skin. This product contains Salicylic Acid, so ladies that are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid using it. I should also stress if you have an allergy to aspirin, do not to use this product, as Salicylic Acid belongs to the same family and can cause an allergic reaction. I leave the mask on for 15 to 20 mins then gently rinse it off. I dry my skin very well with a clean towel then apply the final step.
          • Synergie Reveal is a exfoliating serum with 3 acids. Lactic, Malic and Salicylic. Super powerful but gentle and hydrating at the same time. I apply this last and I don't put anything else on. If however you feel that you need to moisturise then please do, but wait at least half an hour. Again, pregnant and breastfeeding mums please avoid this product or if you have an allergy to aspirin.

              Alternative products for pregnant or breastfeeding mums or those who are allergic to aspirin, I would recommend for step 2, Aspect's Fruit Enzyme Mask and for Step 3, Aspect's Exfol L15  serum. 

              Get cleansing towards a healthier, clearer and brighter complexion!! Please feel free to comment, share or ask any questions!


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