Love your Lips!

Love your Lips!

There are so many products on the market for lips! Endless options. Where do you start? Well, you can start from NOT using any type of petroleum jelly or mineral oil, without naming any brands. I have spent the last few weeks testing some of the brands that I stock as well as some that I don't. 

I have an awesome list that will make you fall in love with your lips again.

From left to right in the pic, first up is Colorescience LipSerum. This is a lightweight colour gloss and treatment in one. Its unique formulation contains peptides that helps with restoring collagen production. This means younger lips for longer and more plump.

Next is Synergie Minerals LipGlass lipgloss. The medical grade lanolin provides intense hydration and Vitamin E offers protection. And your lips look amazing all day long. It can also be applied over your fav lippy. 

Following is another from Colorescience from the Sunforgettable range. It has the same peptides as the Lip Serum but with the added zinc oxide for sun protection. I use this lipgloss if I'm out in direct sunlight and want to look glam i.e at the tennis, at brunch, at lunch, at a festival, a wedding and even on the beach.

My next favourite lip balm is Go-To Lips. It's formulated with 13 pure, natural ingredients and it tastes divine! The natural sweetener in it just makes you lick it off. So I go through a bit of this. When I apply it on my two year olds lips he says, 'yummy', so that sums it up. There is also medical grade lanolin in this lip balm so its extremely hydrating and soothing. This is a prefect addition to your travel bag for long haul flights or if you are working in a office building with constant heating or cooling running. 

The next balm is from Soda and Co. I had to try this one especially when one of the ingredients is natural cocoa. This is also 100% natural with 8 hydrating ingredients. It smells and tastes amazing and I cant get enough of it at the moment. Soda and Co are a natural skincare company and their products are made in Australia, Melbourne in fact. Their products contain no chemicals or toxic ingredients, and they have gone a bit extra in that they do not add any tree nut or peanut oils in their formulations, making it a great solution for allergy sufferers. 

So next is my all time favourite night lip treatment Synergie LipService. This formulation has peptides and lanolin, stevia and hyaluronic acid. I apply it most nights to my lips. My lips are smooth and plump in the morning. It can be used during the day, but I feel like I get most of the benefits whilst it is on my lips at night. It's the ultimate night lip treatment.

The next one, from Colorescience is LipPolish. The pigments are very strong and are 100% natural. The colour is long lasting also. This is great for lipgloss lovers that want the look of lipstick but with shine. Thats me! Great for a night out or even for work. They have also added peptides to this formulation and that beautiful peppermint oil scent.

Last, but not least is Synergie CC-Lipstick! These lipsticks have really raised the bar in the lipstick community. They have been formulated with NO toxic ingredients and NO chemicals and they contain pure Vitamin C and zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Medical grade lanolin has been added as well as 7 different plant based oils. These are a MUST for all lipstick lovers. There are 6 different colours to suit all flavours. You will never want to go back to your over the counter, chemical packed lipsticks again.

Hope this blog has reignited the romance between you and your lips!

Helen xxx

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