Cleansing routine for your makeup brushes

Cleansing routine for your makeup brushes

Yes, cleanse your brushes! They accumulate bacteria and piles and piles of makeup. Realistically, we don't clean them often enough. In the ideal world, it should be weekly, but I would say monthly is a bit more achievable. 

A simple and effective way of cleaning your brushes would be with your cleanser. But not a cleanser with AHA or BHA. Not necessary. And you are wasting those precious ingredients when they are much needed on your face.  

Another alternative is your shampoo. If you have real hair makeup brushes, then I would follow with a conditioner also. It softens the bushes and makes them feel soft and feathery again. 

A great product that we stock here, is Synergie Minerals Natural Brush Cleaner. It's a 100% natural solution that you spray onto a tissue then wipe your brushes clean. It's a fantastic addition to makeup artists that are using the same brushes on many faces. It's ingredients are a grain derived ethanol, witch hazel, citrus extract and a fruit oil.  

So there you have it. A couple of simple options to keep those pro makeup tools in tip top shape and prolong their lifespan.

Helen xxx

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