My Little Man's Bath Routine

It often surprises me how much attention women give to their own skin, only to find out that they will use 'whatever' on their children's skin.

Very early on when my son was born, I was introduced to a brand that was made locally and that was formulated by a mum who struggled to find products on the market that were free of harsh chemicals and all the nasties that are in most products. It's a long list. And many of these brands test on animals. Why would you need to test on animals? People don't realise that testing on animals means that in fact there are ingredients in the products that may cause harm if in wrong concentrations. That should send alarm bells, in my opinion. I am also a VERY strong believer in chemicals found in cosmetics and household cleaning are harmful to our health. It would be such an inconvenience to most companies if they owned up to that.

So there are choices now. Little Innoscents Organic Baby Skincare. We bathe our son in Little Innoscents Hair and Body wash. It's a beautiful creamy wash that will NOT foam. It smells like spearmint and sweet orange. These are pure essential oil smells. We massage it into his skin and then rinse. We even wash his hair with it. He is so edible after his bath. The aroma is just beautiful.

Once we dry him off, we apply Little Innoscents Mineral Powder on his bottom. This is a PURE mineral powder that absorbs moisture, calms the skin and is anti-bacterial. The powder has only three ingredients, Kaolin sourced from Australia, Organic Lavender Oil and Organic Spearmint Essential Oil. We use this after each nappy change too.

Finally, we massage Synergie Occlusiderm on his body, concentrating in the regions where he suffers from eczema. I started using this balm when he started having flare ups and I find if I am diligent and apply it regularly, it keeps his eczema under control. This balm was designed for post treatment in salons and clinics, but the ingredients are so calming and moisturising, I find it works a treat. It helps seal moisture and protects his skin from the environment. The scent is just beautiful, fresh lavenders. It contains Castor seed oil, Shea butter, Olive oil, Squalene and Bisabolol.

So there are great options for safe, gentle and nurturing products for your children. Get them and use them!

Helen xx

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