My Evening Skincare Routine

I decided to write this blog due to popular demand. It's a question I get asked a lot. It often surprises me when clients who see me ask, 'do you use these products?'. Well yes, I say. I am very spoilt for choice, so my products are changing all the time. I do need to try everything I stock to be able to give my clients and online customers insight on how the product feels on their skin, the smell, the consistency and the effectiveness.

At the moment this is my night routine, when my two year old lets me... 





I remove my eye make-up with Synergie Micelution. I have never used traditional make-up remover. I refused to wipe my delicate eye area with pure chemicals and alcohol. Then this little beauty came along! There is nothing harmful, drying or irritating in this solution. You can remove your eye make-up, lipstick and even a full face of foundation. If you're in a situation where there is no basin to wash your face, you don't even need to rinse it off. This means no facial wipes required! Another bonus. 




Next, I wash with Synergie UltraCleanse. It does exactly what the name says! It's a beautiful soft gel cleanser with soft citrus aromas. I love it. My skin feels fresh, clean, bright but not tight and leathery. A small amount goes a very long way so you'll find a 120ml bottle will last you a while.






The next product is not a product I stock. It's Go-To Exfoliating Swipeys. Go-To Skincare is an amazing product line with no irritating chemicals and ingredients and is SO affordable. They have a beautiful face oil, lip balm, great cleanser and a face cream. I couldn't help myself, so i decided to try the Exfoliating Swipeys. They are amazing! They come in a little pot soaked in lactic acid. The pads have a very slight rough texture to them so they give you a slight manual exfoliation too. You wipe the pad all over your face making sure you covered all areas and used every drop of the solution in the pad. I like to leave it on my skin while I brush and floss my teeth. Around 5 minutes. Then I rinse. My skin is glowing afterwards. My pores look clearer and my complexion looks like I'm 20 again.


Following is my Aspect Retinol Brulee, or Vitamin A serum. Everyone over 25 should be using Vitamin A, except for pregnant and breastfeeding mums. Vitamin A simply helps restore your skin's exfoliation process. As we age the process of shedding old skin cells and creating new skin cells starts to slow down. It begins when we are in our mid 20's. Most of my clients who are approaching 30 or early 30's begin to notice their skin is not quite the same. It looks dull, they are suffering from break outs, they have black heads they never had before, they are noticing dark patches from sun exposure and the obvious change is the fine lines. Vitamin A really helps to resolve these problems. It's not the only solution but it is vital to add it into your regime to start to see changes.



Reclaim your youth! This is exactly what this moisturiser does. Synergie ReClaim is beautiful, rich, emollient, hydrating, plumping, soothing and luxurious. I massage this into my skin and my skin literally drinks it all up. Then I put some more. I cannot get enough of it. Great for ageing skin, chronically dry skin, breastfeeding mums with dry skin and irritated skin. It has some clever ingredients in there that will help restore collagen production, and slow down collagen break down.





My final step is my Aspect Eye-Lift 3. I don't always use an eye cream, only because I feel my Reclaim does such a great job. When I have some time and I get really close to the mirror and see my fine lines, then I panic take it out and use it. I have seen some great results on clients that have crows feet. It really does help, although not the only solution and not a miracle worker. Sometimes some lifestyle choices need to be addressed.





Make it a ritual, spoil your self and pamper your skin in the evenings. It will thank you down the track.

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