Managing Your Skin In Winter

Managing Your Skin In Winter

Winter is well and truly here, especially for our customers in the southern states. Indoor heating and cold winds can dry even the oiliest skin. We have some simple solutions to repair the skin and have it spring ready in no time. 


Switch your normal cleanser to a more hydrating option. Here are some of our more gentle cleansing solutions.

Glo Therapeutics Hydrating Gel Cleanser

Synergie BioCleanse

NIOD Low Viscosity Cleaning Ester

Hylamide High Efficiency Face Cleaner

HydroPeptide Cleansing Gel

Often many of clients with ageing skin prefer not to re-cleanse in the morning as they find this dries out their skin. Our advice is to rinse and wipe their skin with a warm facial cloth, removing any oil that may have built up overnight and excess moisturiser residue, then apply their serums, moisturiser and make-up. This is not recommended for oily skin, congested and or acneic skin. 


Certain serums will help restore your skin's moisture levels. They will also add the extra benefits of lightening and brightening, giving your skin luminosity that winter can strip away. We highly recommend:

Synergie Vitamin B

Synergie De-Stress

HydroPeptide Hydrostemm +

NIOD Multi Molecular Hyaluronic Complex


Switch up your moisturiser to something a bit more rich or just use it at night as a deeply hydrating night cream. We strongly recommend:

Synergie Reclaim

Synergie Hydrolock

Glo Therapeutics Moisture Rich Cream


To help restore hydration in the skin there are a couple of products that can be used at home that give our clients salon results.

Synergie Masquerase

NIOD Voicemail Mask


For coverage day and night, we often only suggest switching from powders to cream based foundations over the cooler months. Our favourites are:

Synergie Mineral Whip

Synergie BB-Flawless Foundation

Glo Minerals Sheer Tint Base

Please comment below with any questions. 

Helen xxx

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