Winter is around the corner, our tans are fading and many of us are noticing the summer sun's after effects on our skin. Many clients come and see me at this time of the year, concerned with the dark blotches on their skin. Usually, they have developed varying degrees of pigmentation.  

Treating pigmentation is slow and requires a very consistent home care regime and most importantly the use of a daily sunblock. Not all sunscreens are created equal. A sunblock containing zinc oxide and titanium dioxide is, in my opinion, the very best option. These types of sunblocks form physical barriers on the skin and reflect the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays. They come in the form of foundations, powders and moisturisers. 

Ok, so you're using a high quality sunscreen every day. Great. What next?  


Firstly, a cleanser with Lactic Acid is a must! Both Aspect Purastat and Aspect Gentle Clean are great options. They will help cleanse, exfoliate and brighten the skin by removing those dead skin cells. I always advise my clients to leave the cleanser on the skin for 2-3 minutes, after washing their face, to help the lactic acid penetrate deep into the skin.

Aspect Putastat & Gentle Clean Cleanser


Pigmentation Serums

Pigmentation serums are essential.  I recommend either Aspect Pigment Punch or Synergie Enlighten. The daily use of this kind of serum reduces the production of the skin's melanin which is responsible for the darkened skin. These serums are best used in the morning.

Pigmentation Serums


Adding a daily exfoliating serum like Aspect Exfol or Synergie Reveal, will also help accelerate the turnover of dead and damaged skin cells. I also recommend that in this serum you sprinkle vitamin C crystals and mix before applying. Vitamin C with help repair and brighten the skin. 

This step is best applied in the evening.


Optional Vitamin A & B treatment

An optional step is Vitamin A and or Vitamin B. I try to keep it simple and affordable for my clients, but if you want to add this step, then I recommend you apply the vitamin A and/or B on a day you are not using the exfoliating serum. Alternating days is the most effective approach. 

Vitamin A and B Serums

Pigmentation from sun exposure is a gradual and slow process of skin damage, typically involving many years of deliberate and non deliberate sun exposure. It's vital we all avoid excessive sun exposure when possible and follow a regular skin car regime with high quality products. Your skin will thank you for it in the decades to come.


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