A Solution For Rosacea Skin

A Solution For Rosacea Skin

Rosacea is a skin condition that affects parts of the face. Most clients suffering from Rosacea will often refer to their skin as being sensitive or reactive. They will often avoid many skin care products because almost anything they use will cause their skin to react and flush. This becomes very frustrating for many people as they never seem to find a skin care regime that suits there skin. 

Typical skin characteristics of rosacea are:

  • Frequent flushing of the face, similar to blushing. This is often the first symptom and may be the only symptom for months or years before anything else develops.
  • Redness (erythema) of parts of the face. This can look similar to sunburn.
  • Small lumpy red spots (papules) and small cysts (pustules) on the face. With a similar appearance to acne, these spots and cysts may come and go in some cases but, in others, remain long-term unless treated.
  • Telangiectasia on the face. These are tiny, visible blood vessels under the skin, which can become quite prominent on the face.

Even with medical laser treatment, Rosacea sufferers will always require ongoing management with a home care regime. Synergie Skin has products specifically designed for Rosacea skin. These products include two moisturisers and a non acid exfoliator. In addition to these, Vitamin B is also recommended as a daily serum for all Rosacea skin types. 

    Synergie Skin has an introductory Anti-Redness Kit  for clients to try before committing to the larger sizes.


    Read this great blog from Synergie Skin to learn more about diet and sensitised skin types. Read more.

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