Skin Cleansing Regimes

Clients often ask me what a good skin care regime entails. This is such a broad question because everyones skin is different. I always respond by asking which skin cleanser they are using, because I believe that what you cleanse your skin with is the start of what type of skin you will have.

There are so many cleansers on the market claiming they exfoliate, hydrate, are anti ageing, non drying, ph balanced, 'natural' and the list goes on. What they don't tell you are the ingredients they contain. The majority of the most popular cleansers available are made with the same chemicals that are in dishwashing liquids!

These harsh chemicals are sodium lauryl sulphate, which everyone has heard about by now, propylene glycol, methyl paraben, propyl paraben, formaldehyde and synthetic perfumes. When you use these cleansers you will notice your skin will feel tight and dry. For skin that is already dry, or for mature skin, they leave the skin screaming for more and more hydration, in turn accelerating the ageing process. For skins that are oily, congested and acne prone, it signals the skin to produce more sebum to hydrate the skin, thus continuing the vicious cycle of break outs. 

The scientists at Aspect formulated the Purastat 5 cleanser which cleans the skin without stripping it. It also enhances the skin for up to 4 hours after being washed off. It thoroughly cleanses the skin of dirt, makeup, excess sebum and pollution. Aspect created an organic foam derived from coconut and sugar which is a gentle alternative to sodium lauryl sulphate. Purastat 5's blend of natural fruit acids gently exfoliate the skin with every wash. Lactic acid has been added to Purastat 5, helping with exfoliation and but locking in moisture to the deeper layers of the skin. Antioxidants derived from ginkgo biloba, wasabi root, olive leaf extract and white and green tea help protect the skin. The combination of wasabi root and Canadian Willow herb both calms and strengthens the skin. Nettle, melissa, cleavers and calendula have been added for that extra gentle care.

Cleansing is the most crucial step in your skin care regime. Using an effective cleanser acts as the cornerstone for all your other skin care products. Make it count and use a cleanser that really does give you visible results.

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