Skincare & Pregnancy

Skincare & Pregnancy

You are pregnant! Very exciting times ahead. So many changes and one to consider is your skincare regime. 

There are so many changes that happen to our body during pregnancy. For many of us, one of those changes is our skin. Hormones are powerful and there is nothing you can do to tame them. 

The most common skin concern during pregnancy is acne and pigmentation.

Pregnancy acne can present itself from mild to severe. The management however is different to clients who have acne but are not pregnant. We usually recommend the HydroPeptide Cleansing Gel. It will help to manage acne with every wash. It does not contain Salicylic Acid, recommended to avoid whilst pregnant. It contains a lovely ingredient called lactic acid that is derived from milk and is both exfoliating and hydrating. 

It is recommended you avoid all retinol products or Vitamin A serums and balms.

Another product we recommend adding to the regime is HydroPeptide Spot Correction. It has been formulated to clear up acne but does not have any drying or stripping agents. Great for spot treating. 
Most importantly it is completely safe to use whilst pregnant. 

Whilst pregnant, your body will produce more melanin in your skin to naturally darken certain areas of your body. This will make your freckles and brown spots appear darker. If you spend time in the sun you will notice dark patches appear under your eyes, forehead and cheeks.

HydroPeptide Lumapro-C helps reduce the melanin production in our skin. It will also help calm facial redness. It helps reduce break out scaring and will leave the skin looking brighter. 

As a weekly exfoliator we recommend Glo Therapeutics Refining Mask, again completely safe to use whilst pregnant. Uses Sulfur, Zinc and Tea Tree to deeply cleanse and calm the skin.

Applying facial sunblock is crucial in preventing pigmentation. Most pigmentation will gradually disappear after giving birth. If you are breastfeeding, it can take up to a year.

We always advise our pregnant clients to be gentle to their skin. No harsh scrubbing or exfoliating, no clinical peels or laser procedures and to avoid any ingredients that could potentially harm their unborn baby.

Enjoy this wonderful journey of pregnancy.

Helen x

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